PBs First Job

Well, this is a picture taken last year of Punk Boy. He's got a great heart and an entertaining soul. One of his teachers said of him, "He marches to the beat of a different drummer... I just wish he wouldn't do it so loudly."

Last night he came home quite excited to have been hired for his first job. He is still a few months away from the big 16, but the local corn mazes are hiring 15-year-olds. So, he came in and told me this would be the coolest job ever. $20 in cash every night and the only question the owner of the "Haunted Forest" had asked him was, "Would you have a problem chasing people around with a chainsaw?" Well, NO.

2 Response to "PBs First Job"

  1. tammy says:

    PLEASE take pictures of your son chasing people through corn fields with a chainsaw! what an amazing dream job for a young punk rawk boy!
    btw, please ask him if he spells punk rawk, "rock" or "rawk". I am wondering if I am just old school punk rawk or if the kids are keeping it alive! ; )
    from a punk rawk gurl to a punk rawk boy. : )
    who's exhausted from her first day of school!!

    Becky says:

    That is too cool! He sounds like a fun kid. Don't they grow up fast!

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