Knitting Olympics

USA USA USA... lol Well, if you haven't checked out Stephanie's blog this week - you'd better go see what she's cooked up this time!

Are you in?! I still haven't decided. I am SO trying to get back on track with my schedule. I feel like I've been running around and around and around... well, perhaps you get the idea?

I realize it's been a week or so since I posted anything fiber related - so I am posting the project I've been working on lately - lots and lots of cloches. I started to make one for my niece and loved the pattern so much I just kept making them. Maybe it's a little obsessive, but it's comforting me so back off! Plus, K LOVES them.

I have made four of them in the past week along with working on some lace - which I have frogged about ten times. I just can't find a pattern I love. Keep sending ideas! The yarn keeps saying "scarf" to me, so I need a nice lace scarf pattern...

Anyhow, the cloche pattern is one from Lionbrand and YES, I used junky yarn. I have to say that children LOVE acrylic and fancy fur stuff. So, who am I to force the good stuff on them? On the little one I used Caron soft acrylic and fun fur. On the blue one, there is some metallic silver mixed in on the top portion.

The good news is - I don't care if they're wadded up in balls and thrown in a corner. They were cheap and quick. Cloches are in this season. Did you see Madonna on the cover of Elle magazine? Maybe crochet is the new yoga. Hahahahahahaahahaa. I feel the need to pattern out her hat. It's very pretty, isn't it?

I saw the Madonna picture the other day while waiting for J to get his haircut and I thought - WOW, I have got my finger on the fashion pulse of America. Just sayin'.

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