A BIG Thank you!!

Dear Great Aunt Eleanor (both definitions apply),

I remember the first time I saw your knitting and really knew what it meant to knit. I had recently learned how to do the basic stock. stitch from a friend and was visiting you in your home in Maryland. You were (and always are) such a gracious hostess and when you showed me all of the beautiful things you'd made I was so impressed and overwhelmed. You showed me things like "circular needles" - EEE GADS!! I was scared to death.

Over the years I have learned to love my "circs" and dpn's and all of those fun things that scared me in the beginning. And you have always been in my mind as an inspiration.

I love this picture of you in your going-away suit - that you knit!! I still am afraid of some of the things you do - knit a whole dress???? Wow!

When the box came yesterday I was so excited to open it. A GIANT bag of wool!!!! And old pattern books!!! It's like Christmas all over again. Thank you so much for thinking of me and being so very generous.

As I knit with this wool I will think of you and hopefully rise above my mediocre talent to yet another level... a little closer to you! Thanks, Aunt Eelanor. You rock!

Love, Whit

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