Happy Valentine's Day

First, a big THANK YOU Teabird (aka Melanie), my Valentine Book Swap Pal. I am SO excited about my fun package!! I didn't realize that Chocolat was a novel first. I can't wait to read it!! I LOVE the movie.

Even though my husband insists that the myth that Valentine's Day was created by Greeting Card companies is true, I still love it.

In grade school my Mom would help me decorate a Valentine Mail Box to put in home room. I would do Valentine's for EVERYBODY in my classes and lots who weren't in my classes. Don't you just love love? ("It's nice to be nice to the nice")

As I got older, clubs would do Valentine fund raisers. There would be "carnation grams" or something like that. I can remember sending and receiving carnations with little notes. It was always fun to choose students who looked like they needed a pick-me-up and sending them a little anonymous carnation.

A few years ago I learned that if you send your valentines (all in one big envelope) to any of the cities in the US with the name Valentine (AZ, MT, NE, TX, AR, IN, LA, NJ, SC) a few weeks before Valentine's Day and request the "decorative postmark" they will put a very cute Valentine postmark on your Valentines and send them out from there! I didn't do that this year, but have done it a few times. Love it!!

And, of course... as a Mommy what's better than getting one of those sloppy, crooked hearts with I LOVE YOU printed across the top. Nothing!

I know we should be loving all year - sort of like having the Christmas Spirit all year. But the truth is, it doesn't hurt to have a day to just stop and think about love.

Happy Valentine's Day!! May your day be filled with love!

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