3D and Headaches

Well, I had my MRI yesterday morning and at 5:30 yesterday evening they called me with results. That's pretty quick! When I saw that it was the doctor's office, I admit I was a little nervous. I was so relieved that they found my problem, though!! I have chronic sinusitis and the reason we didn't suspect a sinus infection is because it is in one of the back cavities (that I didn't even know existed)... I have no stuffy nose or anything like that. The problem is that sinus medication doesn't actually help because sinus medication treats symptoms and my symptoms are different than most. The other problem is that chronic sinusitis isn't easily cured and can last for years. I will be going to an ENT doc to get further treatment. Meanwhile, I suffer.

Today I had to go to Salt Lake City for a work meeting. J went with me and we went to lunch and saw the 3D IMAX movie, Deep Sea 3D. If you haven't seen one of the 3D IMAX movies yet, you really should! They are so amazing. It's how I always imagined 3D as a child. It was amazing to sea all of the sea life RIGHT THERE in front of me. Pretty cool. But now my head feels too heavy for my body so I'm off to find some rest. :O)

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