I'm back... Again!

Well, where do I begin?

First, here's a picture of myself. I had to have photos done for the crochet book that I will have a couple of designs in - more details coming soon! Thanks to my friend (and wonderful photographer), Heather, for the pics.

Okay, the surgery is over and the swelling and bruising are down. I still have tingling and numbness - but that's to be expected. Over all I have healed tremendously quickly. Thank you all for your support, kindness and prayers.

I DO have fibrous dysplasia, which is a bone disease that I don't really want to talk about. Hopefully it will not give me grief in the years to come. I will go in for a CT scan every couple of years to monitor it.

My new podcast is coming along fabulously and I couldn't be happier about it. Thanks to all of you who are listening - even though you're not Mormon! It covers topics that are of interest across the board to women and men of all religions. Anyhow, I'm having a lot of fun with it and was even on our local news recently. Terrifying. Radio - YES, television - NO. Not until I get a few (okay, a hundred) pounds off (But I lost 10 last month on Weight Watchers!!). Speaking of radio, we also were featured on a radio show here in Utah.

With work on my two projects - that went out very late (thanks, Vickie!!) - I don't have pictures of anything for you. I am thinking about knitting something, though. My fingers are itching! Any suggestions? What's a good "welcome back to knitting" project? What's going around the blogs these days?

Love ya!! THANKS again for all of your kind emails and posts. You are WONDERFUL!!

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