Computer Problems

You know... I started this blog a year ago so I would have a place to talk about the time that is my life. Now that life is so very busy and not always fun I find that I rarely drop in and talk about my life. Go figure.

I have been having computer issues and so it has made it more difficult - but not impossible. So, I'm going to make an effort as I feel that this is a therapy I currently need.

Health issues are mostly over. My mouth still hurts a little, but I think I will survive it. I am playing the flute in church on Sunday (with two friends) and the practice has actually been good for my mouth I think.

Personal issues (16-year-old son) continue, but he's got a good heart and we love him and he loves us so it is okay. Still difficult, but okay.

So I have issues!! Don't you?

Saw Pirates. Didn't love it. Too much icky stuff for me. What did you think?

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