There have been a couple of times I have needed to purchase tablecloths for Church use, etc. This website is inexpensive and the polyester cloths are durable and awesome. I purchased round cloths once and that was a mistake. I will only purchase square cloths for round tables in the future. Anyhow. Just want this on my blog so I don't lose the link again. I just ordered some of the pink one above for the YW.

Check for coupon code.

FREE shipping over $50.

2 Response to "Tablecloths"

  1. Whit says:

    Remember to check for coupon code. This month there is decor810 which takes 10% off the total. :)

    Jacklewis says:

    Hi, thank you for your great post. I really appreciate the efforts you have put in your blog .It is interesting and helpful. Good luck with it!!! Restaurant Tablecloth

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