Clean Your House

I have this GREAT book called Clean Your House and Everything In It. I make my own homemade cleaners and they work SO SO well (better than anything I can buy) and they are SO SO much cheaper.

Anyhow, since I have been feeling better I've been getting my house clean (boy, did it need it!) and having a blast! I love to clean. I especially love cleaning using my little cleaners. Here is the recipe for Appliance Cleaner (which works better than 409 and is much cheaper):
2 T nonsudsy ammonia
1 t liquid dish soap
1 pint rubbing alcohol
Enough water to combine with above ingredients and make 1 gallon of cleaner.
I make it in milk jugs and put it into spray bottles and we clean EVERYTHING with this stuff. John even uses it on his eyeglasses.

3 Response to "Clean Your House"

  1. AuntCandi says:

    Need to make some of that stuff - thx for posting the name of the book - I've wanted to browse through it.

    Gam says:

    ...okay, I think I'll finally bite the bullet and find that book - I have TRIED before, you know!

    Whit says:

    Just click my link and you can buy it. The title of the book is a link. :O) I LOVE that book (as you can see by the condition)...

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