I hate Comcast

Well, I am back after a few days of being offline - thanks to our cable company. Most of our city was on/off for about a week. I am waiting for my dsl modem so that I can switch from cable to dsl. I may switch back in a year - when this deal that I signed up for ends...

Anyhow, on to a more pleasant topic. Here is what's on my needles - another One Skein Wonder! Meg's friend, Heather ("more of a sister, really") bought some yarn and so I figured I'd best get going on it. I should have it finished up tonight. Then, a project for my mother. Hey, Mom - if you had to choose an accessory color what would it be (it can be two or three colors if you'd like). Better choose or I'll choose for you!!! heheheee

4 Response to "I hate Comcast"

  1. gam says:

    ...let's see - everything I own is black, navy, red, or white - but I am trying to accessorize with pink, as of late!

    Whit says:

    Oooh... I just love black and pink together.... hmmm....

    I'm working on the house pics - they should be done any time now. :O)

    Gam says:

    ...pink and black are just what I'm doing! Can hardly wait to see the pics! You're an angel!

    Gam says:

    Okay, just one more comment - I keep working on scanning, printing, etc. for your books - AND THE POWER KEEPS GOING OFF - yikes! I have hated this! I just get something ready to print and off it goes - okay, I'm over it - well, not really, but it helped!

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