Candi's Cap Complete

Well, I finished the hat. I've been wearing it all morning. I LOVE it. I seriously want one now. It is a little large for my model - but I couldn't get a picture of myself to turn out.

Candi, this is going to look FANTASTIC on you. I can't wait to see it on you!

Off to start another 1SW for Heather.

3 Response to "Candi's Cap Complete"

  1. gam says:

    Cute hat! It's going to be fun seeing all of you decked out in handmades this fall and winter - Whit, I LOVE the color!

    AuntCandi says:

    It's beautiful, thanks Whit! I think it'll be perfect w/my coat :).

    Whit says:

    Candi - when you're home you'll have to post a pic of yourself in the hat.

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