Miss Julia

Well, I finished the first five Miss Julia books.
Which means, I FINALLY get to listen to book six on my Shuffle!
Hooray!!!! Now I can get back to that hat....

Of course, I babysit today and also I have a class today and
I need to do laundry and do some bulk cooking -

bread, pizza, muffins, burritos & french fries -- hopefully!!!!

4 Response to "Miss Julia"

  1. AuntCandi says:

    Mmm - your pizza is the best - save some for me!

    If anyone doesn't know, Whitney cooks in bulk so she only has to cook a few days a month. It's very clever and when I'm there to visit, she just whips some amazing meal out of the freezer and we can visit instead of her spending all her time in the kitchen preparing a meal for us.

    AuntCandi says:

    The hat is beautiful! I love the yarn. What did you think of the Miss Julia's?

    Whit says:

    I LOVE the yarn, too. I love this new yarn shop I found here in town (Rumplestiltskins). She has the most beautiful yarns.

    I am enjoying the books. I've gotten to where I much prefer audio books, though.

    Well, I'd better get cooking!

    gam says:

    ...and now - all alone - NO COOKING! Pretty fun - for a while!

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