Well, for a semi yarn snob (read POOR yarn snob), this should be an experience. I got a job at Michaels! Hooray! How much fun will it be to teach the projects that I love so much?! Way fun!

Unfortunately, Michaels does not carry 100% wool - so no felted bags. Bummer.

I'm going tonight to do a bulletin board and try to get people to sign up for my classes. FUN!

5 Response to "Michaels"

  1. gam says:

    Congrats! Those lucky people - you are a great teacher - and you'll have a blast...hope they're ready for the enthusiasm!

    I wish I lived there! I'd love to take some classes!

    AuntCandi says:

    WTG!! I knew you'd get it :).

    Which days do you teach? Maybe I'll come up for a class sometime.

    Whit says:

    I'll bring you a class schedule for September. Can't wait til tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!

    AuntCandi says:


    Me neither!!

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