What Dreams May Come

First, a picture of the sweater I'm a knittin' ... Not very far because I've frogged it twice (don't ask - it's not complicated AT ALL, I'm just nuts). I worked on it a tad at the STF, but mostly I made bears and just watched and listened to the tellers. I'm already anticipating next year.

Well, I woke up - as I always do - to dh saying, "I had the weirdest dream..." Now, I have been married to this man for close to 17 years and he says the same thing every morning. He then tells me about his dream of the night. He's right... they are the weirdest. Last night he dreamed of "vividly obscure tunnels" full of sets and props all accessed by climbing through a hole in the ceiling of a strip mall store... and, of course, a skinwalker.

I have rarely remembered a dream since the night of my wedding - but I had bizarre dreams as a child. I once had a dream that ended with the words "To be continued tomorrow night..." scrolling across the bottom of the image in my head. I once dreamt that I went to visit my Grandma. When she opened the door she looked down at me and (sort of cranky) said, "Who are you little girl?" I dreamed a lot about falling off of and out of things.

What's the weirdest dream you ever had?

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  1. Melanie says:

    your childhood dreams got me thinking... as a kid I dreamed that a volkswagon bug (blue) flew through my window. I also had reoccuring nightmares in my teen years that I was being chased by "bad guys." And I would be running but it would be in slow motion. I'd always wake up right as they were about to get me.

    Now I just dream normal life things. Boring.

    gam says:

    don't often dream, and only once dreamt that I could fly - and it was like the nannies in "Mary Poppins" - backwards and out of control, but still pretty fun - but only once - never flew, again.

    Angie says:

    I once had a dream with background music. It was somewhat reminiscent of the movie "The Ten Commandments." It was a desert scene with a lot of people in it and a grand sweeping musical score. Kind of odd. I've had many other odd dreams, but not that I would tell most people about - kind of embarrassing.

    Once I dreamed that I was going to get married and I had to buy this wedding dress from walmart. It was $90 and it looked like a peice of white shag carpet. I remember that (in my dream) I was talking to my Aunt Amy about it after I bought it and I was cring. When I woke up I was mad at my mom because in my dream she made me buy a wedding dress from walmart.

    AuntCandi says:

    LOL, Ginny!

    AuntCandi says:

    Almost all of my dreams are completely surreal, so lots of them are either too illogical to describe or not permanent in my memory. I do have a vivid memory of a dream as a little girl in which I was riding in a small (what you'd call Little Tikes now) plastic car along a ridge all the way down the Grand Canyon. Weird, eh? :)

    Whit says:

    Now that I've analyzed all of you - Ginny, your dream CRACKED me up as always... I don't feel so bad about myself. haha.. just kidding.

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