Happy Birthday

Well, today is Bubba's birthday. He is 39 and so that is a little weird I think - his last year in his thirties. In honor of this day I am reposting this link which will show you a cute birthday picture of him and tell you a little bit about why I love him.

Mostly, he is my best friend. I can show him my loving face or my grouchy face and he seems to take it all in and love me just the same. He never complains when I've spent far too much time on "projects" and far too little time on things that need doing. He works hard every day so that I can choose what I do with my days. He is companionable (which could sound boring - but is very NOT.... especially after seventeen years) and loving and very romantic. He says he loves me more - but he is the one who is so lovable and that's why I KNOW that I love him more. He makes it easy.

Okay - enough mushy stuff. Here is my latest square. I am SO ready to knit something!!! I will be doing bears and then on to Cori's bag - HOORAY!!!!

I thought of my Mom when doing this irish rose square. It would make a nice pillow, I think. Once again - it really is square. Square is hard to photograph. I TRY... oh well.

2 Response to "Happy Birthday"

  1. gam says:

    ...funny you thought of me - cause as soon as I saw it I thought, "Now, THAT's a square!!" It really is beautiful and that soft palette just puts me in a happy place.

    Happy Birthday to our eldest son - and how I love him - forever!

    I love that square! I think that every time i see it.

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