Hip to be Square

My weekend in a nutshell (which may just be where it belongs):

Joined an AIAY (afghan in a year) group in my Yahoo Crochet Group - somebody got sick and they needed a fill-in. I already received a square (not supposed to get mine until January). Very nice!

I made one of the two that I need to get out by the end of the month (the August girl didn't get hers).... Bug chose the pattern. I like it. Bubba LOVES it. The picture, of course, doesn't do it justice. It really is SQUARE and the colors are very bold.

Finished Ashlee's poncho - no pic because it looks exactly like neighbor girl's except bigger (and red fur instead of purple).

Had a huge church activity Saturday with lots of girls between 8 and 11. Great fun and exhausting. I did a slide show (power point) of all the girls to show at lunch.

Went to a FABULOUS new movie, Just Like Heaven. I would feel really bad about going to see that instead of the one Bubba wanted to see (Transporter 2) except that the one we saw was go good!! Two thumbs up and all that! Okay, I do feel pretty bad - cause this was a date to celebrate Bubba's birthday (tomorrow)....... I plan to take him to his movie to make up for it. Ohhh, the guilt!!!

Sister2 showed up with her ADORABLE boys Friday. She came to my Corkscrew scarf class at Michaels and then we played games with Brother and Bug (Password & Apples to Apples). It was great!! "O" loves the black corkscrew scarf!!

Was so tired yesterday that I went to church and then came home and crashed. I listened to one of my Audible books I got this month - Bartimeus Trilogy, book 2 and crocheted. Wonderful!

5 Response to "Hip to be Square"

  1. gam says:

    Your talent is only surpassed by your models - you keep coming up with the most gorgeous people to show your wares!

    Whit says:

    This is a note to say that Sister2 is a "2" because of age order - NOT because she's my 2nd favorite sister. I LOVE my sisters!!!!

    Mom - I agree that my models are amazing. You just gotta love those dimples!

    gam says:

    ...and look how much he looks like his mommy! Amazing!

    Oh, Missy, you should know that I have now started a little holiday shopping - with your address as my shipping address - only three - so far!

    Sharon says:

    Love the granny squares, have always wanted to make a sweater with them, maybe one of these days. I don't have the attention span to projects that you do! (Although I might get that shrug done this weekend..woohoo!). Glad to hear the "Just Like Heaven" movie is good, that's also on my list for this weekend. I saw "Transporter 2" a couple weeks ago (yes, I admit to a weakness for mindless, Hong Kong action style flicks), it is illogical, mostly badly acted and poorly scripted, but I enjoyed it, lol, was just what I was in the mood for. And I'll take Jason Statham over someone like Brad Pitt anyday, was worth it just to watch him for a couple hours!

    Whit says:

    Sharon- can't wait to see the shrug!! I like the squares because they're FAST.

    John decided to just hang around the house today and not see a movie. He rarely gets a day at home - so it's been nice.

    He really wants to see Serenity - so we'll probably see that this weekend.

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