A million and one...

Well, I have a million things to post about because I'm going a million directions. First, isn't this a beautiful picture?! My sil sent it to me. It was taken by where they live (in Alberta, Canada). I've actually never seen the northern lights. Sad, isn't it?

Yesterday I started stockpiling again. I am a bulk cooker and it's time to get cooking again. I bought (and I really wish my camera batteries weren't dead so I could SHOW you) 50 pounds of flour, 25 pounds of sugar, 80 pounds of calrose rice (japanese sticky rice), two cases of tomato sauce, a case of pasta sauce, a case of evaporative milk and a case of Ramen noodles (Bug's). I still need to buy more sugar and flour - but I had filled two carts (had to buy regular groceries as well) and I was DONE (not a shopper by nature). I can't wait to get cooking! Hopefully I will have time soon.

Today I have parent teacher conferences at Bug's school. Punk Boy's were earlier this week. We didn't attend his because we didn't need to (he's not actually failing anything yet!!). We don't need to for Bug either, but she really wants to go (this represents a glaring difference between my two children)...

I've been feeling bad because I actually post real names of people rather than cute nicknames and I guess I'm not supposed to put real names on my blog. So, hereafter Katie will be Bug (because that's what I've always called her anyhow) and Rob will be Punk Boy (because that's what he is) and John will be Bubba (because that's what I call him - it comes from husband shortened to hubby which went to hubba bubba which I shortened to just bubba). Now I will feel more like a true blogger.

I'm going to stop now because I actually need to get busy. I have a power point presentation to finish today, parent teacher conferences to attend, a class at Michaels (my Corkscrew Scarf - which you can see an incarnation of now at LionBrand's site), hogs to slop... Oh, you get the point!

3 Response to "A million and one..."

  1. gam says:

    I was exhausted just reading your post - way too much work for me. I think I should go take a rest!

    Sharon says:

    Seeing the Northern Lights was one of the highlights of my Iceland trip. I would have missed them, but the sweet taxi driver dropping me off at the guesthouse came in and called me back out when he noticed they had come out. Beautiful.

    I've only done bulk cooking once in awhile and I just have memories of every counter piled high and pot and pan being used. When I worked at the college I used to cook a ton of food each year to donate to the Thanksgiving dinner they held at the dorm each year for kids with no place to go home to. I made the mistake of buying a 25 or 50 lb bag of rice at Costco once and then realized I had no idea where to store it all, I had rice in EVERY container and stashed in every corner!

    AuntCandi says:

    Thanks for the great visit tonight, Whit. We enjoyed the break. Thanks also for my scarf :).

    Do you think it's unwise to post names on blogs? I'm wondering if I post too much information on mine.

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