Ponchos, hats & more yarn!

Well, I've been meaning to post a pic of Cori's yarn for ages. Here it is - I love these colors together. I can't wait to get to this bag. I would felt every project if I had my way. It is the blue, green & purple!! Beautiful together.

The two hats are still in their "octopus" stage (thanks for the term, Josh!) and are Jayden's and Josh's. The other yarn is from Michaels. It is Moda-Dea Cache in the color "smartie" (which I love!)... I am going to try a felting test on it. It is 75% wool and we'll see. I hope it felts so I can teach a felting class in November!!! It is actually quite pretty.

This is a picture of my new friend, Colleen, making a "coming home poncho" (Martha Stewart) in class this morning. I love that she is combining a feathery yarn, the homespun yarn and a ribbon yarn - and she's doing it in black!! She is a brave soul. I had no idea when I chose this particular poncho pattern that there would be such a production about the pattern on TV - I guess I am a trendy soul! Click here to see Martha in hers - "coming home" from prison (yes, that's where the name of the poncho comes from). Click here if you want to see the picture of my adorable daughter in the one I made for her! Click here if you want to see everybody and their dog (I mean that literally) in them!

5 Response to "Ponchos, hats & more yarn!"

  1. AuntCandi says:

    Katie definitely looks cutest in it. :)

    Sharon says:

    Love the poncho, altough not sure I'd have the patience to finish it. (Liked Martha better in prison :)

    gam says:

    I'm glad you're teaching your classes. I know you will have a great time! I can hardly wait to see Mr. Joshua in his hat!

    Whit says:

    lol Sharon. I'm kind of partial to Katie in it myself!

    The yarn felted terribly. I'm going to try another brand that somebody recommended and we'll see.

    Sorry about the word verification - but it is supposed to stop spammers.

    I know, ain't I adorable?

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