Moving right along...

Can't think of those words together without thinking of the Muppets for some reason.

Realized I never showed my "complete" hat for J1 ... Here it is on his head. Much better size. If any of you want the pattern just let me know. It's crocheted all in sc and is quite easy. Ahh, candy for breakfast - you can tell I'm not this child's mother.

Also, here is the bag with the pattern going halfway around. If I can get the rest finished today it will be felted tonight!!! Hoorah!!! Duplicate stitch is simple, but I'm still wishing I'd done it intarsia back and forth and then seamed it - my advice to anyone who wants to pattern a bag.

4 Response to "Moving right along..."

  1. The bag looks great...can't wait to see how it comes out when felted!

    (This is really Cori) It looks fabulous- you are the best! I don't know how you can do these things. You make me feel bad- doing an extra pattern- more work- but it looks really cool!

    Whit says:

    It's nearly midnight and I just finished felting it. I really like it. Hopefully you will, too! I'll post a pic tomorrow when it's unblocked and shaved. :O) Love you (that means - don't worry about the extra stitching!!) !!!!

    tammy says:

    now I will have the muppet movie soundtrack cruising through my head ALL DAY!!! : )
    the hat looks great! yummmm, candy breakfast. oooh, I want a doughnut!
    the bag looks AWESOME!!! felted pics please!!! what is the yarn? knitpicks?

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