October Goals

First, here is my amazingly wonderful new knitting purse. It is HUGE. Way bigger than I imagined. I can easily fit a project in progress and all of the full length needles I've ever purchased. Although - I don't use straight needles anymore. Sad (?) but true. Even if the pattern calls for back and forth knitting, I use my circs.

Okay, goal update:


  1. October projects for class - COMPLETE (pumpkins, hat & Bruno)
  2. Poncho for Ashlee - COMPLETE (no pic - but it was the same pattern as this)
  3. Hats for Jayden & Joshua - COMPLETE (this pic also shows Cori's prefelted bag)
  4. Bears for Samuel & Owen - COMPLETE (no pic - but this is the same pattern)
  5. Felted bag for Corina - NEAR COMPLETION (still need to add snap & mail)
  6. Poncho for Savannah - NOT EVEN STARTED
  7. Purse for Amelia - In progress (no pic yet - maybe later today)
  8. Start "We Wash You a Merry Christmas" cloths (WHAT?! Forgot all about these)

Things that weren't on the list that I did anyway:

  1. Celtic knot hat for baby brother's birthday
  2. Rose Square
  3. Puzzle Square (also shown is a quick black corkscrew scarf that I did that day)
  4. Finished Bug's sweater

OCTOBER- (in no particular order)

  1. November projects for class
  2. Secret project
  3. Finish Purse for Amelia
  4. Start We Wash You a Merry Christmas cloths
  5. Do squares for October & November
  6. Poncho for Savannah
  7. Painted Lady for Tammy
  8. New hat for bruno (hair hat)

5 Response to "October Goals"

  1. Becky says:

    Is that ALL for October?! You really knit up a storm. I wish I could get something finished!

    Happy Knitting!

    Becky htttp://www.moonfrog.com/blog/

    AuntCandi says:

    "Thank you Aunt Whitney for the bear. I like my bear cause you are nice and I like that he can fit in my toys that can take and things that are small in my little brother's Buzz spaceship. I like that the bear looks like he's red cause red is my favorite color. I named him Teddy Bear."

    Love, Sam

    AuntCandi says:

    "Thank you for the bear. I like about that Aunt Whitney made the bear. I like to show Joshie my new green teddy bear. I want his name to be Banana."

    Love, Owen

    Whit says:

    I sure love you boys!!!!!!!!!!!

    tammy says:

    oooooh! It's my turn to be jealous of YOU now! That tote is adorable!
    are you going to do the hollo-wig from knitty for Bruno? and no rush on my painted lady! I am a patient gal!

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