Bruno - Nouveau Chapeau

Well, here is the completed hat. Also.... (drum roll) I GOT MY VINTAGE KNITTING BAG that I ordered from Ebay. I haven't opened it yet. I will take pics when I do. I can't wait to see it, but I'm too tired to even open the box right now.

PATTERN: Celtic Cap by Girl from Auntie
YARN: Piece Fleece from lys
NEEDLES: #8 dpn's
START: 9-28-05
COMPLETE: 9-30-05
LOVED: This worked up so nice. Perfect choice of yarn. I love doing cables!
HATED: Hmmm... I wish I'd had a 16" set of #8 circs and it would have been much faster. Also, I hated the directions "knit into the front and back st, pick up the vertical strand..." If it read "knit into the back and front st, pick up the vertical strand..." it would make infinitely more sense and have saved me an hour or so of looking up instructions online to figure out why there was no vertical strand!!!

Why am I so tired, somebody asked? Well, I just got back from the Walmart - doing the shopping on a SATURDAY?! What was I thinking?! Well, I really wasn't thinking. I just started a new diet and I had to go buy healthy food. Hoorah. I think I will count some exercise points for Walmart. What do you think? One hour of light exercise? Definitely.

9 Response to "Bruno - Nouveau Chapeau"

  1. Amy K says:

    That hat turned out very cool. I know Thomas would love it. Renee probably too.

    Glenda says:

    Now you have really peeked my interest........Did you say DIET? Give me details!! There isn't a diet out there that I haven't tried, but I'm always looking for another. Maybe I should get a clue. I need to loose weight so that I will be beautiful for my cruise!! :)

    Whit says:

    Hey you lurker... lol... I am doing WW again - but doing the CORE plan. It includes a bunch of food that you can eat for free (meaning AS MUCH AS YOU WANT)... I think it's important to EAT, so I really like this plan. It's more about what you eat than how much you eat. I joined online and love the online tools. :O) Wish me luck. I did it once - I just hope I can do it again!!!!

    Whit says:

    To clarify, I hadn't lost all of my weight - but I had lost 65 pounds.

    Glenda says:

    So call me whatever you want.....lurker is good! I probably am, but I just don't have a word to say about knitting.. Don't do it, never wanted to, but love to look at all you accomplish! It just must be so nice to have talent.
    About your weight did great and I know you can do it again. I like the CORE plan too, but I have just gotten so far off track that I wonder if there is a "coming back"? Good luck to you!!

    Whit says:

    Hey - that's life... getting off track, getting back on track, getting off track, getting back on -- well, you get it! lol

    I think the point is to get back on at least one more time than we get off. :O)

    tammy says:

    LOVE this hat! I am all about tweed right now! I am 95% done w/ my tweed hat project for work.

    Becky says:

    I love this hat. Cables are sooo scary! Yours look great!

    Knitcrazy says:

    LOVE that Hat Whit :)

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