A Tale of Two Scarves

Okay, first I will apologize for not posting pics of the felted Mia Bag yet - I promise I will get it shaved and posted by tomorrow (maybe even this afternoon if I get motivated). I really do love it - I just keep forgetting to buy a sweater shaver or disposable razors and don't want to use my Venus (love that razor!)...

So, I had this yarn left over from a felting experiment gone bad and I am not one to just let a skein of yarn sit around (I don't have much of a stash - GASP). I tend to buy yarn specifically for a project and not just because I like it. This is because I always have a fear that I will buy it, find the perfect project for it and need one more skein/hank whatever and be unable to find the same dye lot.

Okay - SO, I decided to make an elongated stitch scarf - it's just trading off between garter rows and elongated stitch. I actually really like it. It's not something I would normally choose - but I think it's really pretty. And, oddly, it is doing a self striping thing - I just happened to choose the right amount of stitches for that to happen. Freaky. But now I have to buy another skein because I don't have enough to finish the scarf! Argh. I'm pretty sure I can match it because I bought it recently, but see how this just proves my point?!

Because I ran out of yarn on that scarf, I decided to start on a birthday gift. It is a snake scarf and is in green and orange. I think the child I'm making it for will love it!!!

The weekend was paintball for the "boys" and visiting for Mom & I. It's nice to have a Mom who is also a friend! PB was promoted. He is now in charge of dropping a demon down from the trees. His boss complimented him when he was able to knock three teen girls down at once from the fright of a dropping demon. The children had no school yesterday. Not really in honor of Columbus Day - but we'll take it!

OH, and I'm down THREE pounds so far. :O)

3 Response to "A Tale of Two Scarves"

  1. Melanie says:

    I know what you mean about buying yarn... but I do it anyway. hehehe.

    Whit says:

    Okay, OCCASIONALLY I allow myself to do it - and I buy ONE skein/hank whatever knowing that it will probably have to be a hat or some other one skein project. :O)

    Becky says:

    I love that scarf pattern. Wish I had the right yarn for it...ha ha... okay, maybe I have something I could use.

    I love the colors on the new snake. I'm gonna hafta make one of them. I should do it now cuz it's my grandson's b-day this month.

    Congrats to PB and his demons. (???) :)

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