Whit Needs

Okay, this is funny. I've been seeing it all over in blogland, so I thought I'd do one too. To get your list go to google and type "whit needs" - except use your name instead of mine.

  1. WHIT NEEDS to give me back my hat. (Who? What hat? Where?)
  2. WHIT NEEDS time to think it over. (I never think anything over - but I probably should)
  3. WHIT NEEDS deleting. (this one just disturbed me)
  4. WHIT NEEDS to act more like an adult. (Well that one's true)
  5. WHIT NEEDS batteries. (lol)
  6. WHIT NEEDS anger management.

Those are just funny. I would make sure to go into "preferences" and set the SafeSearch filtering to strict if you want to keep them family friendly. :O)

13 Response to "Whit Needs"

  1. Whit says:

    I did John's:

    JOHN NEEDS a new name.
    JOHN NEEDS to learn the art of negotiating.
    JOHN NEEDS your bone marrow.
    JOHN NEEDS to climb a 3500m mountain.
    JOHN NEEDS cash for rent.
    JOHN NEEDS our help.

    I just think they're hilarious!

    Sharon says:

    lol...I can't argue with some of them..

    SHARON NEEDS Sympathy
    SHARON NEEDS to back off a bit
    SHARON NEEDS a real man
    SHARON NEEDS to be on a regular fertilizer schedule!!
    SHARON NEEDS to raise $12000
    SHARON NEEDS a step stool
    SHARON NEEDS to take responsibility for what she did
    SHARON NEEDS to be touched by an angel
    SHARON NEEDS a makeover

    Whit says:

    fertilizer schedule is still cracking me up!!!

    AuntCandi says:

    lol! Truth is definitely stranger than fiction! I'm sure I couldn't have just come up with these. :)

    Candice needs our prayers
    Candice needs a new hairdo
    Candice needs to start walking on her own 2 feet
    Candice needs some help with her children
    Candice needs a recorder, for the stories that she tells
    Candice needs a handyman/bodyguard
    Candice needs the Heimlich manuever
    Candice needs a sword
    Candice needs a break

    AuntCandi says:

    Okay, I couldn't stop there. Here's Ben's...

    BEN NEEDS a Smock
    BEN NEEDS help
    BEN NEEDS right now more than anything else for the Boston Red Sox to
    win the World Series
    BEN NEEDS a ride home
    BEN NEEDS to develop step-by-step approaches to academic work
    BEN NEEDS money for art supplies
    BEN NEEDS a new tv
    BEN NEEDS to eat between gigs
    BEN NEEDS to learn his left from his right
    BEN NEEDS space to roam around
    BEN NEEDS help with the grill
    BEN NEEDS to expand his musical palette


    Well I evidently have a few needs too...and this is a condensed list!

    CYNTHIA NEEDS to find out some basic information about raccoons
    CYNTHIA NEEDS no costly adornment
    CYNTHIA NEEDS surgery, but her mom doesn’t seem to feel guilty about having acted irresponsibly.
    CYNTHIA NEEDS to be put to sleep
    CYNTHIA NEEDS to revert only to old English,
    CYNTHIA NEEDS 6 eggs for Some cookies She plans to make
    CYNTHIA NEEDS to let us know know if Georgia is going to succeed from the Union again.
    CYNTHIA NEEDS to be stopped
    CYNTHIA NEEDS a little fortification to face the shops alone
    CYNTHIA NEEDS to start showing more cleavage
    CYNTHIA NEEDS to go back on and quit leaving us all hanging on who da baby's daddy is (ummm...nothing to confess here...LOL!)

    Whit says:

    All hilarious - but Ben needing a smock really got to me.

    AuntCandi says:

    LOL, the raccoons cracked me up!

    Amy K says:

    Amy Needs Help!!!
    Amy needs a drug-dealer's testimony to free a teenager wrongfully accused of murder.
    Amy needs a good topic for her film.
    Amy needs a flu shot - like really really needs a flu shot.
    Amy needs a new pair of shoes.
    Amy needs to be found.
    Amy needs to either wake
    up or start getting some extra will-power.

    Amy K says:

    Okay - anyone who knows me knows how much I love shoes. That was a pretty good one.

    Whit says:

    AMY NEEDS A NEW PAIR OF SHOES?! Oh, I have to tell John that one!! He is constantly teasing me about MY shoes and I always compare my shoe stash to yours (no comparison) - but the thing that drives him CRAZY is when I say I NEED new shoes. LOL

    I DO need a pair of shoes like Tammy has here: http://tinyurl.com/chvke

    Aren't they CUTE (Old Navy)?! :O)

    Robert G says:

    Robert needs a sanctuary, periodic retreat from the world and long luxurious baths

    Robert needs Simone and Wendy

    Robert needs a family who will participate with Robert in his interests

    Robert needs to postpone visit

    Robert, needs information which can help him to increase the efficiency of business.

    Robert needs such a program

    Robert needs now is PR - not public relations but Perspective

    Robert needs to travel for the work

    Anonymous says:


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