The Mia Bag Unveiled

Drum roll and tada!

Here is the Mia bag...

I didn't like the ribbon in the tubing so I did an i-cord instead. I will post the pattern when I have time to mess with it.

9 Response to "The Mia Bag Unveiled"

  1. AuntCandi says:

    SO cute!

    Becky says:

    That bag looks great! I love the flower pattern. Is it intarsia? I want to try that soon. You put some nice details on it, too.

    tammy says:

    wow! that came out so great! how was it working with the tubing for the handles? love the flower buttons.

    Whit says:

    Loved the tubing for handles - I will do use it again (which is good, since I had to buy an enormous amount at once)!

    Yep, flowers are intarsia. I made up the pattern and I will post it if I ever have time to think straight.

    The flowers around the flower buttons are crocheted - but simple. Some things work better in knit and some in crochet. I recommend for those of you knitters out there to take up crochet - it's easier! promise!

    Very CUTE! (Except I was confused when I saw that other little girl intead.) I think Mia will LOVE it!

    Whit says:

    She was just my bag model, Ginny - no worries!!! lol

    chappy says:

    your bag is lovely! very colorful! great design! hugs, chappy

    Cathy says:

    Beautiful bag, love the colours and embellishment!!! Your model is a sweetie too. Hugs, Cathy in Niagara.

    Anonymous says:

    What a wonderful bag with so many exciting details! Love it!

    Kadri in Germany

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