Is Google psychic?

Okay, very strange things are happening in Google land...

Saturday I bought a sweater shaver and when I got home I found out that - I NEEDED BATTERIES! Coincidence? I think not. Doesn't it give you chills just thinking about it?

So, instead of the TV guide horoscope - which has long been my source for psychic inspiration, I am now turning to Google to see what I truly need. If only I had listened and purchased the batteries... true, it would have been nice if it had specified what size ----

Now I have to get back to Season 1 of LOST. I'm simply, well -- lost in it.

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  1. Sharon says:

    LOST!!!!! I watched the entire season 1 this past weekend, now that's all that's spinning round and round my head. I went to the episode guide on wikipedia (love wiki!!)
    and caught up on this season's episodes, so now I'm in the loop and can chat with my friends about it. I love all the interweaving of characters. Did you notice when Jin was at that guy's house delivering a message that the guy's little girl was watching tv, and did you notice that Hurley was on the screen?

    Whit says:

    That's SO funny, Sharon. We started watching it Friday and if I hadn't had so much going on this weekend we would have finished. We'll finish it when John gets home tonight. I am addicted. I just wish I could find somebody who's recorded the episodes this season so I could get caught up. I like it better than Alias (especially now that Alias has gone down hill).

    I can't remember if we noticed that or not - there is SUCH a circle. Everybody ties into everybody else and there seem to be references everywhere. I love it!

    Sharon says:

    Well I figure I can start watching this season with this week's episode since I was able to read the synopsis, and then when they repeat the season in reruns I'll catch the first few of this season that I missed. I was a fan of "Party of Five', so it's good to see the guy who plays Jack in this, and I've loved the guy who plays Sayed for years, he's been in alot of Brit tv and movies. Now I'm just afraid that the writers won't be able to keep up the great storyline,lol. And I'll say the same thing I always say about other scary movies or shows... if ya know there's a monster/serial killer/unknown scary entity out "there"....why do people decide they have to go for walks in the woods/jungle/dark? Course I guess if tv characters had common sense then we wouldn't have any interesting shows to watch!

    Whit says:

    It's very very tempting to do that but I really want to WATCH them. hmmm... guess I'll have to see how it goes. I have a friend that may be recording it.....

    How many episodes have passed this season?

    I know what you mean about walking in the jungle. Stupid people.

    My first guess about the show was that they all really died in the plane crash and now they have to work out their salvation, but I think now that I am wrong about that - but sometimes that premise works.

    Sharon says:

    I think they've only done about 3 episodes this season so far, that's why I rushed to get through the dvd's last weekend, so I could jump in this week with the new episodes. I thought about the "dead" possiblity and also that it was a dream, but I don't think that's it, and they mentioned and laughed about both those theories in the bonus features, lol, so who knows. I just hope it's a good answer in the end.

    Whit says:

    Ahhh - can't wait to go through the bonus features!! Finished season 1 and LOVED it. Didn't see that coming - but TOTALLY should have!!!!

    Sharon says:

    Three "Lost" websites to check out:

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