Bouncing Baby

Kidney stones... Well, I ended up in the ER last night with J. He was in so much pain he was getting delirious, so at about 1:30a we headed for meds.

Okay, question... WHY do these things always happen in the middle of the night?! Friday night was the same thing with K. She threw up all night. You never hear anybody say, "She threw up all afternoon." It's always at night. Anyhow, K said, "I don't think I ever threw up that much before." J said, "I don't think ANYBODY ever threw up that much before." I know you're all glad I shared that.

J is okay now, thanks for asking. He is back at work (because he is INSANE) and I'm lying around playing on the computer. I did finish a little project for my Holiday Swap Pal.

AND, I made a button for my site. All of you (you three know who you are!) who link to my site can use this cute button now. I love Photoshop. I could make buttons all day long. Don't know why I didn't sooner.

I'm exhausted, but HEY - 17 days til I leave for Disneyland!!!!

1 Response to "Bouncing Baby"

  1. OYE! stones are not fun- I hope that everyone is doing better and getting some rest...

    About my button, any hints on how I can get it to show up? where do you host yours so that it is visible all the time? I will send you a copy of the image tonight... thanks Whit!

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