Knitting through the Ages

Here is a picture of Grand Duchess Anastasia Romanov as a child working on her knitting. I simply love it. I found it at a site I'm hooked on, called "Knit the Classics." How can I go wrong with site that combines my two loves of knitting and reading?!

I have emailed to join the "club" and I'm sure I'll be adding the link soon!!

My hands have almost recovered from my marathon knitting Thursday. I should actually be able to knit again this afternoon. I hope so... I still have one HP sweater, 1 snake scarf and one T B-day gift to finish by Thursday!!!!!!

So, what do you all think Anastasia is knitting?! I don't think it's a Weasley!

4 Response to "Knitting through the Ages"

  1. tammy says:

    LOVE this photo! that is frame-worthy!
    Don't hurt your hands! take it from gimpy-arms here! be careful!
    hope all is well for you!
    i have a stack of yarn labels to send off to you soon!

    AuntCandi says:

    What a great photo!

    Please do not stress about the snake scarf, really. S would be happy with a hug from you :).

    Whit says:

    Yes - I love it. It caused me to go find a bunch of old photos of people knitting. I set up a flickr account with them. Check them out. They're pretty cool!

    I'm not stressing about the snake scarf - I should finish it today. :O) I know I would be happy with a hug from that adorable boy!!!

    Thanks, Tammy!!! I drew the face in on your painted lady weeks ago (or maybe just days ago) - maybe I'll finish her before Christmas!!!

    Becky says:

    Those old photos are great. I like the Anastasia one best. You certainly are busy! Hope you get what you want done.

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