Harry Potter Day

Hoorah!!! We're on our way to Salt Lake City to meet up with the rest of my insane siblings and niece/nephews to watch the new Harry Potter movie.

I thought I could knit all day yesterday and finish the "Weasley" (aka Secret Project).

At approx 10000 stitches for each SLEEVE - it just wasn't meant to be. Instead I feel like the ouzo scene in Barefoot in the Park (one of my favorite oldies).

I'm off to take some meds for my hands and go watch the movie!

6 Response to "Harry Potter Day"

  1. We just got back from seeing it! It was FANTABULOUS! We saw it at Imax so it was really spectacular. What was your favorite part?

    AuntCandi says:

    It was AMAZING. I was totally ducked down in my chair during the dragon part - it was so realistic!

    I have to say that Michael Gambon just irks me as Dumbledore, though. He portrays him so flaky and irritable. I just love how wise, compassionate, and calm D. is in the books. I though Richard Harris was perfect (sigh).

    Anyway, aside from that venting, I LOVED it! I finished rereading book six today and now I just want book seven to come out RIGHT NOW!! :)

    AuntCandi says:

    What was your favorite part, Ginny?

    Whit says:

    I LOVED it - my favorite so far!! I love the actors and I LOVED the dragons!!!

    I guess that I'll be the one to break the 4 posts pattern here.

    I can't decide which part was my favorite part, this is DEFINITLY my favorite yet!

    Have to agree with you on the Dumbledore delemia. I think it might be more of the director's fault than the actor's. (It made me SO mad when he blew up at Harry! "HARRY, DID YOU ASK A STUDENT TO PUT YOUR NAME IN THE CUP FOR YOU?") I think they did a GREAT job with the dragons! That Horntail looked fierce!

    Just one question (that isn't related to HP.) Has Katie not finished her chores yet? :)

    Whit says:

    lol, Ginny. Katie has NOT done her chores yet - but I'll tell her you're looking for her. :O)

    It could be the actor or director on that scene and I think it irritated a lot of us!! Dumbledore would never blow up at Harry - or anyone. It's just not his style.

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