Das Boot

Well, yesterday when I was going through my ritualistic blog-reading (I'm not a coffee drinker, so sue me), I noticed the interview over at Knit-and-Tonic with Vickie Howell. It was entertaining.

So, today I find Vickie over at the Blue Blog with Alison. Two of my favorite blogs in two days. Coincidence?

As I always do during my ritual, I followed the links and found Vickie's blog. I bonded with her immediately because of her reference to speaking of oneself in third person. I mean, what a COINCIDENCE!!!! I wish I could watch her show, Knitty Gritty, but alas - no DiY for me.

AND, to boot, there was a pattern for a knitted BOOT on a recent episode. Alison had the link on her site and I just have to make these boots. Wasn't I just saying that I needed pink boots?! This life is full of happy coincidences and I must have the boots.

The coincidence sort of breaks down with the color, though, because the boots on the show were actually orange (thank you, Photoshop) and I would never make orange boots. Well, probably never. This stems from having "TIGERS" as my childhood school mascot so every time I wear orange I feel like I should be doing a cheer or something.

5 Response to "Das Boot"

  1. Ina says:

    Great boots! But coincidence? I think not! Clearly, it's Mr. Hardy's influence.

    Thanks for hosting the Mrs. B KAL. Loving the pattern, will have progress photos soon.

    The boots are such a snappy idea...Once you make them please post, I would really like to see what they look like on somebody!

    Julie says:

    They made these boots on an episode of Knitty Gritty last week. You can access more pics and the pattern at the DIY website.

    Lolly says:

    Even if you don't get DIY, there are some great Knitty Gritty tutorials online - so you can keep up with the show there!

    I did an interview with Vickie too, if you are interested, you can see it on my blog :)

    Whit says:

    Hey Lolly - thanks for the link to your blog. Great interview. I think I'll have to link to Knitty Gritty. Thanks again!

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