Cats and Christmas

Well, the Christmas tree decorating fairy came. Good news, she scrubbed the bathroom. She also did quite a bit of laundry and made my bed. I think I should take her out and buy her shoes. There are some nice pink boots that I'm pretty sure she would like.

I hate it when people talk about themselves in the third person.

These are pictures of the top of my tree and the bottom of my tree. Every morning since decorating it, I wake up to find balls rolling around on the floor and this fat stupid cat curled up with the tree skirt. I think this cat may go to live on a nice farm somewhere soon.

I hope to get to my lys for yarn today. But I also hope to get many, many things accomplished so wish me luck. The list the length of my arm didn't get finished yesterday as I made a not-so-quick trip to visit my Mom & Dad - Dad just had a small surgery - and pick up a bigger-than-a-breadbox gift for the family. Pretty fun stuff.

K is home sick AGAIN today and with only eight days to go before we leave for DISNEYLAND she'd better get over it soon!!!!! It is STINKIN' cold here (see my poor weather pixie) and it's making everybody sick. Supposedly there's no connection between weather and illness. Whatever.

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