Mrs. Beeton Knit-Along

Well, I'm hosting my first knitalong. We will be doing the Mrs. Beeton pattern from the new issue of Knitty. It starts immediately and ends December 31st. This is to run in conjunction with the reading of Thomas Hardy's, Tess of the D'Urbervilles with my Knit & Crochet the Classics Group. Feel free to join in the reading as well as the knitting.

I LOVE this pattern and am looking forward to knitting something for ME. Please take a button or make a new one. If you make one, please email me a copy and I'll post it for download.

Coincidentally, this pattern was created by the host of Cast-On (Brenda Dayne), one of the knitting podcasts that I listened to this past week. I forgot to talk about the podcasts. I enjoyed them and feel there should be more of them. So... I am currently putting one together - watch for it soon!

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  1. Sharon says:

    Now that looks like something I could knit before my short attention span wanders. But how do you wear it? Just slip it on when your wrists might be cool but you want your hands free? Love your weatherpixie link, too, and added on to my blog. I dressed mine as a geisha for no other reason than I think she's cute! Can't wait to see the movie, too.

    Whit says:

    Yes - it's sort of a cross between the wrist warmer and the gauntlet that are both so "in" this season. I just think they're very elegant looking... I can't wait to go to my lys to get the yarn!! Now I just have to decide what color. Black might be nice - except it's a black jacket that I keep seeing it with. Maybe a nice festive RED to go with "Tess" - I'm going to let the yarn spirits whisper to me when I go in.

    I'm going to go check out your weather pixie. I love looking at her. She's so cute and accurate. It really is blizzarding here today.

    Whit! I totally loved these too! I have to dress "nice" for work and thought these would be a great way to spice up my outfits.
    I will have to run out and get the yarn... I am going to grab one of the buttons and join my first KAL!

    Stephanie says:

    Don't forget to send your knit along button to the 2005 knitalong site. That will get a lot of people to see it. Email me if you need the address of the site. :)

    Jan says:

    I am going to do Mrs B but am going to do atleast 4-5 rows of ruffles. I am don't want to do the reading, just not my type of reading. Now if you were to host a Jane Austin knitting/reading-along I'll be among the first to join in!

    Paula says:

    Hey Whit,
    That is so great! I am so glad knitty has these to coincide with the reading of Tess. How cool is that?
    Thanks for hosting a knit a long!

    Julie says:

    Hi Whit!
    I adore both Brenda's podcast and this particular pattern. I will be joining your knit along- and making the mad dash to my LYS for some red fiber...I also want to encourage you in your thoughts about a podcast. I listen and can't get enough.

    kat says:

    I really need to make something like this to combat the breeze in my office. Must wait until christmas projects are done though!

    Decided on my colors:
    I started to look over the yarn that I have and I think I can actually make one set with the lilac Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino and one with the black.
    I am going to do the black accent with the vino colored silk kid haze first and if I have enough for the second set I will do the lilac... I was also going thru my beads and think I will do either a champagne color or a reddish purple color bead. Fun fun Thanks Whit!

    I can't wait to see your lovely wrist warmers! Soooo pretty.

    I am too chicken to try them on my own...can't you come over and show me :o)


    Becky says:

    I'm still not sure if I can fit this in, but I'll try. If I can't make any, at least I can watch and cheer you all on. :)

    I cast on last night and have one "bell" complete! I decided on the black with the 'wine' color kid haze.
    NOTE!! To all of you who are participating, cast on Loosey-Goosey with that kid haze! Other wise you will be thinking the "B" in Mrs. B. stands for something other than Beeton. Also, I am not sure if I did my first "bell" correctly, I didn't carry the kid haze along with the MC, I think it will be okay, but I am worried it is a bit wonky... just a few words of advise. Otherwise, I am really happy with my results thus far. I will post pics on my blog this weekend if I have time.

    kate says:

    my friend and i just started these yesterday. there is a lot of technique packed in these little babies! as much fun to make as they will be to wear, no doubt!

    kate says:

    p.s. we did find a typo in the pattern: in the directions, it says, "thread 54 size 11/0 japanese seed beads onto CC and push them about three yards along..." it SHOULD say: "thread 54 size 11/0 japanese seed beads onto MC and push them about three yards along..."

    in other words, you make the bottom bell first, in MC, and the top bell second in CC. it's not a huge deal if you make the top bell first...just a little confusing! (i hope that makes sense!)

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