Internet Police

Well, I'm getting worried that somebody's going to show up to haul me off to rehab somewhere. I have been online WAY too much in the past 24 hours.

It all started with DISNEYLAND. I decided to go out and read all of the new info about the park - it's been a few years afterall. And, I've never even BEEN to DCA. So, I started going through the guide at Mouse Planet. I love that site. I went through the guide piece by piece. I called and made my anniversary (17 years!) reservations at the Blue Bayou (free dessert for us!). I found out that you can interactively play Buzz Lightyear. That was a bad thing to learn.

This morning it was the blogs that did me in. I went to Yarn-a-Go-Go where she showed this wonderful item (red phone) that I simply MUST HAVE. And I just couldn't stop shopping at that great store!

And I don't even remember on whose blog I found this link - but that's pretty much a waste of time (so I love it!). Who doesn't want to watch live action footage of the tree in Rockefeller Center?!

Anyhow, I MUST CLEAN MY HOUSE. Tonight is Book Group here and we are supposed to each bring a picture book. I'm not sure which one I'm going to read yet. Any suggestions? On top of that, I need to clean and finish up for christmas (we're not coming home until late the 23rd) and clean and pack and clean. Gee, I wonder why I'm in avoidance mode?

3 Response to "Internet Police"

  1. Sharon says:

    Ok, you never should have shown me that store, I predict I will get in alot of trouble there. I LOVE the cellphone bed with the little slippers!

    Whit says:

    It is EVIL, I tell you. I love EVERYTHING there!!!!

    What kind of picture book-- like little kid or 'coffee table' picture book???
    I think one of my favorite 'coffee table' picture books is Earth From Above-
    It is absolute stunning.
    YOu are going to have a blast in D-land. i was there about a year ago and the new town square portion is amazing. Make sure you get in story time at the Diseny Hotel. There is a great big fire place and some great story tellers!

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