Button, button...

Well, if I'm going to compete in the dang olympics I'm gonna need a button.

Anybody who wants to join my DPN team, please let me know (and feel free to take the button). Email me (whit AT about-time DOT us) or post a comment on the DPN blog and I'll invite you to become a member of the "Team DPN blog." I was going to call it the DPT - but I'm pretty sure that's taken. You can qualify for this team by:

  1. Doing a project for the Olympics that uses DPNs (AND / OR)
  2. Poking people during the Olympics with your DPNs

I am also a Knitting Chick - so, as promised girls (guys?) - here's that button.

Warning: The Team Knitting Chicks does not size well. If you want it to be a different size on your machine, please email me and I'll resize it for you. Otherwise it gets all pixelated.

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