KAL Time

Okay, as you can see on the side of my blog - I have moved the Mrs. Beeton KAL to its own site. This works so much nicer, easier, cleaner than the old way. Those of you participating in that, please contact me via email (whit_larson AT yahoo DOT com) so that I can add you as members of that blog and you can post pics and comments there!! Someday I might make those beautiful things. Maybe this year I will make something for me. Hmmm....

But it might be one of my other KALs - the Mary Poppins Bag (aka Weekend Getaway Satchel). We have several members and no two of us will be making them exactly alike. That should be a blast!!

Also, Vanessa wanted an Odessa-y (think odyssey) KAL for the new pattern from MagKnits. So, we got that all set up. Please come join us. It is a BEAUTIFUL pattern by Grumperina. I'm looking forward to knitting one (after the Olympics and possibly while doing the Mary Poppins kal).

Finally, TEAM DPN - Go TEAM!!!!! Wow!! We have fifteen members at the moment and we're growing every hour. Amazing! We are already international and that is WAY super cool!! If you are participating in the Olympics - come join the team. You only have to poke one or two people with a dpn to qualify!! I swear, I have Olympic fever. I haven't had it this bad since I was a kid and Nadia Comaneci was in the Summer Olympics.

On a non-hosted KAL note:

I am going to do my knitty gritty boots this weekend and I can't wait. They will be hot pink knee high part crocheted/part knitted. Whoohoo!!

*** DANG, I forgot to say HAPPY GROUNDHOG'S DAY!!!! It's like my seventh favorite holiday. Sheesh. I'm off to watch the movie. I love that movie. Every year. Over and over...

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