Okay, so I still have Olympic fever. Today I have a Podcast Special Edition: Knitting Olympics coming out. Steve is editing feverishly and it should be up this afternoon.

Here is my luscious yarn for my INSANE project. It is Trekking XXL in color 283. It is a pretty tweed and I love it. The toothpicks dpn's are bamboo size 2s (7").

I have been practicing different pattern sections. The ribbing isn't nearly as hard as you might think. You just have to remember that your front yarn (which I hold in my left hand) is doing pp, kk, pp, kk (yes, a basic ribbing) while the back yarn (right hand) is doing kk, pp, kk and always remembering to not let that yarn get crossed. This is especially important when purling with the right hand - have to remember to take that yarn to the back before knitting/purling with the left hand.

The hardest part was figuring out how to join for knitting in the round. You have to take the end stitch from the right needle, place it to the back/front (depending on which sock this stitch belongs to) on a holder and then crossing the two (now) end stitches. Then you replace the stitch from the holder back onto the end of the right needle. Then you do the same thing with the end stitch on the left needle. This way you are doing the join for BOTH socks. Very important.

If you are trying to follow along and do this at home, I highly recommend two colors of yarn to work with. I contemplated (briefly) making two colors of socks for the Olympics. However, I don't think I'll give in to that temptation.

I'm scared to death of the heel instructions.

This other picture looks a lot like Olympic rings - but NO, in fact they are two rings knit simultaneously on dpn's (size 8s)....

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