Pine Trees and Ouzo

Well, I have to say that pine trees are a lot softer than you might first imagine them to be. I was snowmobiling along quite nicely when suddenly, a giant pine tree jumped out and attacked me. It sucked me down a five foot snowy embankment right into its trunk. Nice. I was so stuck that I wasn't sure I'd ever get out. I'd already turned over a couple of times and managed to get myself out - not this time.

I finally climbed out of the deep hole. I had to go over the top of the snowmobile because every other direction was full of pine branches. I managed to hike down and flag some help.

I am very sore.

I came home and knit for a couple of hours in hopes of winning a silver medal. I woke up yesterday morning and felt like I'd been drinking ouzo. Not that I've ever had ouzo. Have you ever seen Barefoot in the Park? I can't make a fist. No knitting all day yesterday and probably all day today. Even typing hurts. So, no silver. I have a bronze, though. I made it myself.

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