I Can KNIT!!

It's a miracle!! After three excruciating days, the pain is gone (mostly) and I am knitting again. Good thing, too! Cause I really want to wear these gloves this season. Yes, it's still cold here. It snowed night before last. Gross.

Good news - I can wear my new fingerless gloves! I made them using some of the beautiful wool Aunt Eleanor sent. The pattern is HERE. I used size 6 dpn's. I did them on aluminums because after the fiasco that was my knitting olympic project I just wanted speed, baby!

THE PROBLEM WITH GOING TOO FAST... Well, I misread the pattern (to be fair, it was a little tricky)... The pattern says Row 18 you start the thumb gusset. However, what it REALLY means is Row 18 AFTER you switch to stockinette stitch. Well, I am a literal soul, so I started at row 18. I just wish I had figured it out before I finished both gloves. Oh well. They were VERY quick to knit so I'll just knit another pair. After I knit some for K. She LOVES them. :O)

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