Babies and Blogiversaries (CONTEST)

Well, it is a time for thinking of birthdays and anniversaries. My beautiful sister (pictured here in the hat I made for her birthday last year) is having her third baby boy next week and the 29th is my ONE YEAR BLOG-IVERSARY!!! Hoorah!!

In celebration of these two events, I have decided to have a contest. You have until NOON (EST) on the 29th to post a link to the cutest baby pattern ever (preferably newborn). This does not mean a pattern to knit a baby. This means any item for a baby, whether it be a sweater, hat, booties, binky holder - WHATEVER. If I choose your pattern I will send you a prize. It really is as simple as that!

Join the fun and tell your friends!! I am picky and I am looking for something unique and did I say cute? I don't mind purchasing a pattern - but I'd need to be able to pick it up local or have it be a .pdf for download.

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