Knitting Oblivion

Well, I guess I've made up for some lost time. I must have had some sort of yarn withdrawl or something. Anyhow, I finished my little iSock and moved on to a Celtic Cap for my Dad for his birthday/Father's Day (don't worry, even though the two holidays are always very close for him I make sure to get him double gifts - I'm just not sure which holiday the hat is for....).

I had time this weekend as we went to an outdoor play that we saved seats for hours for and so had plenty of knit time. I'm not sure of the wisdom of knitting in the hot sun with Yak Yarn, but I think the results are pretty fun. I really do love this pattern by Girl from Auntie. Wonderful!! Maybe you remember that I've made it before (and the pictures are better because it wasn't charcoal yarn)... Anyhow, now my Katie wants a sock for her iPod and I have a few more gifts to get to so... I guess I really am back!!! :O)

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