Child of the 80s

So, I was in my water aerobics class and we were "soaking to the oldies" and... I was thinking... When I get old (and contrary to my children's belief I am NOT old yet - I'm not even 40 and in my family that isn't even middle aged...) and I am still in water aerobics and we're working out to the oldies... Will it be 80s music?

I've been thinking about age a lot lately.

I have been working on a crocheted pillow and some edging for another project (pictures later this week) and I was talking about play practice (I really AM a drama queen) and how I would take my crochet (didn't learn to knit until I was older) and crochet while I was waiting for my turn on stage. My husband made the comment that I've always been old. I don't know. Maybe. But I don't think I'll REALLY be old til I'm sweating to Cyndi Lauper!

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