Give me this mountain...

So, what a week. Day before yesterday I was eating a baked potato and I began to choke. At one point I seriously wondered if I was going to choke to death.  Honestly, I'm not sure you can even choke to death on a potato - but I tried. It was a weird experience. I was coughing so hard, but then I couldn't draw in a breath. It was scary. But I lived. Whew!

And then the pain started. This pain joined up with some emotional pain I have also been experiencing this week.

This new pain started under my right arm, inside my rib cage - maybe it is my ribs, I actually can't tell. It hurts pretty bad and I am certain I just pulled muscles or bruised ribs or whatever. It's annoying. And I have youth conference this coming week. And I started to turn into a whiner baby and I began to feel discouraged... and then, this morning I was reading a friend's blog and I remembered.

I remembered the armies of heaven at my disposal. I remembered that I am here on this earth at this time for experiences like this. I am being shaped, corrected, tutored... I read Elder Holland's talk referenced in Laurel's blog post and this line jumped out at me:

“Oh, Lord, I am yet strong. Give me one more mountain” (see Josh. 14:11–12)

I love that. Love it. Caleb was 85-years-old when he said that. If he could say it at that age, I can say it now.

Give me this mountain.

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