The Mountain

I have so much on my mind and in my heart. 

Last week was youth conference. On Day 1, Cherie Call - amazing singer/songwriter gave our devotional. We invited all of the missionaries and other guests (there weren't many there on a Wednesday!) to join us at the pavilion. It was awesome. Cherie sang this beautiful song that reminded me of my mantra, "Give me this mountain!"

Not with my own strength (of course), but I moved that mountain! I felt sort of like Wonder Woman... or a daughter of God...

How To Move A Mountain

When I was young I heard the stories
About the people who could make the mountains flee
And every now and then, someone would tell me
I could do the same if I believed
So one summer night, I looked out my window
And I closed my eyes and listened to the wind blow

And I tried to move a mountain
I wished for it to crumble at my feet
I tried one thing after another
but I couldn't shake a leaf

I never knew that the mountain
Had a lesson it would teach
Cause as tall as I got, I still lived in its shadow
I watched it tower over me
Till one summer day, I thought I heard it call me
So I closed my eyes and then changed into my blue jeans

And I learned how to move a mountain
It was harder than I dreamed it would be
But I set one foot down past the other
Till the mountain was under me

And I felt like I could see forever
When the truth hit my senses suddenly
This mountain wasn't nearly the first one that I'd moved
God had seen my victory
Every time I put my weaknesses behind me
And I close my eyes and let His mercy find me

I know how to move a mountain
I have to fall down on my knees
Then I get back on my feet and head on upward
Till I make it to the peak
And the mountain's under me

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