My life is a Value Project

So, I recently attended the General Leadership Training for Young Women in SLC. Sister Dalton said that we need to "give [ourselves] credit" when it comes to Personal Progress. I tell my YW this all the time - just write things down before you do them! You're busy ladies! You'll have your medallion before you know it! But, I'll admit - I haven't been doing it myself. I am now.

And I have realized something.

It is easier for me to give myself credit for the ten hour value PROJECTS. I do them all the time. I'm knitting something or working through an LDS book (doing the assignments, etc.) or doing a Beauty Challenge or WHATEVER...

It is easier for me to do value PROJECTS than to do value EXPERIENCES.

I think this speaks to my personality.

And I am making a change. I am working on the experiences. I am enjoying the process. I am writing down the dailies (scriptures, prayers, testifying). I am journaling.

And I think... Life is an experience more than it is a project. The small and simple things are where I am needed and what I need.

In order to receive my YW recognition I will do 25 experiences and only 3 projects. I will strive for that same proportion in my life.

I can do this!

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