The 1SW

Well, I'm moving right along on the 1SW. It really IS easy and fun. I may make ten more. My problem is the whole gauge thing.... I guess I'll have to actually figure it out next time. Seems to fit Meg fine, though. I should have time tonight or tomorrow morning to finish the front.

EXCEPT she doesn't have it pulled all the way on because she got sunburned yesterday. Well, the next picture will show it better - at least it doesn't look like a "bib" anymore (Sherri!).

2 Response to "The 1SW"

  1. Yeah, it fits Meg fine, becouse it was made for me. I get a blue, read and black one (okay, so I get three). I hope, mabye mom doesn't know that yet. Those are my favorite colors to wear (I'm sure you care!)

    It turned out nice!

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