Oldest Beta on Earth

Our Beta, Max (is anybody old enough to get it?)...

John loves this fish (as does Katie)... He's starting to look his age and everyone EVERYONE who comes to our house thinks he's dead. He tends to swim (float? sleep?) on his side. I'm pretty sure he's still alive though. Pretty sure.

4 Response to "Oldest Beta on Earth"

  1. SharonK says:

    Meant to comment on this when I looked at it the other day.. LOVE the fish's name! Not only am I old enough to "get it", I still think beta was better than vhs!!!!

    mine committed suicide. landed behind the stove. i'll never get another, well maybe but not today.

    Whit says:

    I feel bad for your little nemo - he was only trying for the drain. Unfortunately, he wasn't smart enough to realize it was the stove.

    Sharon, I agree about beta and vhs!

    Beta Max! ;) The great tape wars. Lol.

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