One Skein Wonder

Hooray! I started a "One Skein Wonder" last night. I know that this is supposedly an easy pattern that everybody on the web is knitting, but I have been afraid of it because I have never even purchased circular needles until now.

So, the thing is - I'm never going back to regular needles. I LOVE the circular ones. I love the way they fit into my hands. I love the way they support the weight between them. Well, I am having a ball with this little project. Hope I have time today to finish!

1 Response to "One Skein Wonder"

  1. I purchased the pattern, but haven't knitted it up yet. I realized that the only sleeveless items that I have to wear with it are nightgowns! ROFL.

    I love how nicely yours is working up. I too am a circ convert! :)

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