A Hat for Samantha

Well, I am a huge fan of Audio Books. With Harry Potter 6 showing up in two weeks, I figured I'd listen to Book 5 again. Usually I listen to my books as I do housework, but I've been so into the story that I've listened at night as well.

I have a difficult time listening to audio books without DOING something, so I figured I'd do a little knitting.

I have to admit it's weird, though. Here I am knitting a little hat for Samantha* and I'm listening to the part of Harry 5 where it talks about Hermione knitting little hats for house elves. Spooky.

I've now decided that knitting while I listen to books is a great way to do two things at once. Granted, listening to a book takes longer than reading it the "normal" way - but when you normally read a book it's really hard to knit.

*Katie's American Girl doll

1 Response to "A Hat for Samantha"

  1. Yep, that's my doll. Isn't she cute? (Okay, so the pictures mostly of the hat, but she's still cute, her name's Samantha). I listen to books four and three (or three and four, but oh well) but not five, I actually READ five (okay, so my mom did too). Too bad I can hardly knit.

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