My Best Friend

This is my best friend on his third birthday. Messy, but cute don't you think? He's still like that (and the candles on his cake these days would set off the smoke detectors).

I was thinking today that I am not a very lovable person. But, fortunately for me I have a very loving husband. Loving and nurturing - he has a beta (fish) that he's had for almost three years. Nobody has a beta that lives that long.

He also has another cute "quirk" - he can't throw anything away. Seriously, when he gets to that little piece of soap he sticks it onto the next piece so he doesn't waste any. Extreme Makeover Home Edition* stresses him out because "they're tearing down perfectly good houses." And don't get me started on the boxes of electronic doo-dads (technical term) in the garage.

I would never get rid of him and, as I said, he never gets rid of anything so I'm safe.

*Katie (dd) and I watch every new episode

1 Response to "My Best Friend"

  1. Yeah right mom, not a very lovable person my foot! I was wondering where I got my love for 'rubbish', well there you go, it's all dad's fault, you can't make me throw things away until you make him throw things away, so there! Ha ha on you!

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