Chemo Cap - STARTED

And restarted.

YIKES!!! Well, I decided on a knitting project that will teach me a few new knitting skills - Cable knitting without a cable needle (which I actually have done before - but a long time ago); grafting using the Kitchener stitch and double pointed needle knitting. The cable knitting has been fine, great, wonderful. The grafting is where I've had trouble. I haven't actually made it to the grafting yet. The cast-on was simple.

Or so I thought. What I didn't realize (because it was apparently IMPLIED in the pattern) is that when you do a provisional cast, you need to make sure and do a row of knit and then a row of pearl before starting the actual pattern, otherwise you could knit 16 cables only to find out that your provisional cast-on is permanently cast on. ARGH!

For some reason I keep working on it, though. I don't know if it's the wonderful cotton yarn or the cable knit or what, but I am enjoying the process on this one - not the frogging.

If you want to donate a chemo cap, this website has some good information. I am donating locally - that might be an option for you as well.

Photographing Cable Knit is difficult.


4 Response to "Chemo Cap - STARTED"

  1. AuntCandi says:

    Looks like it's going to be way cute! I want one... (bet you hate to hear that)

    Whit says:

    I really like this pattern. If all goes well with this one, maybe I'll knock off a slew of them. :O)


    AuntCandi says:

    I'll be there!

    Knitters talk, I only read two paragraphs of this one!

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