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  1. Whit says:

    Katie's about halfway (can't give her too hard of time since she started reading a good 2 hours or so after I did this morning.

    What do you all think?

    I cried for the last hour of reading.

    Whit says:

    Do you ALL believe that Snape ("Professor Snape, Harry") is evil now? Or, do you still believe in Dumbledore and his ability to judge people?

    AuntCandi says:

    Ditto with the crying (as I said b4, Dumbledore was my favorite).

    The thought didn't cross my mind that Snape could actually still be good, but I'm not a good clue reader. It'd be nice.

    I was kind of oppressed by the book. The heavy tone of it was a bit much for me. I read once that JKRowling said that she thought the books should be read by children the age Harry is in the book (so this book would be for 16 yr olds). I'm just concerned that this stuff is too horrific for the eight-year-olds out there reading it (i.e. Tom Riddle youth specifics, horcruxes, so many murders, the horrible werewolf, dead bodies). There was a LOT of yucky stuff in this book. What does everyone else think?

    I guess in short I just feel really heavy after reading it, not light.

    AuntCandi says:

    Reading my comment the next day I have to add that there were parts I really loved in the book, too. I'm just ultra-sensitive and it was scary to me.

    Whit says:

    Book Four scared me so much that I'm still disturbed over it being made into a movie. The books are for older children, the movies tend to be geared toward younger children - I'm not so sure with the subject matter from FOUR on.

    I remember reading ONE and TWO to her edited when she was five/six. Hard to believe how much time has passed since we started this series.

    Whit says:

    "HER" above is Katie. I had posted a little bit about her, but I'll let her post her own thoughts on the book.

    Okay, I really, really, really, really liked it. I'm glad Harry FINALLY made his move towards Ginny at least. I was sad Pro. Dumbledore died, but I knew he was going to, and I didn't cry untill the last chapter. This sounds stupid, but I started crying when Harry told Ginny he had to stay away from her and my tears redoubled at Ron and Hermione's bravery.
    I hate Snape, and I don't care if he is a good guy, I still hate him. But I did find myself feeling sorry for Draco. It really wasn't his fault, they'd kill his parents if he didn't do it. I have to say my least favorite part of the book (besides P.D.'s death, of course) was Harry and Draco's fight in the bathroom, that for me was the hardest seen to read. I didn't even mind the dead bodies.
    Can't wait untill the seventh book, the grand fanally as I am now reffering to it (how do you spell fanally?) It's gonna be a good one.
    'Have to say that six was my favorite, it was just really good. JKRowling's writing is AMAZING and I'll be sad when the books are finally over.

    AuntCandi says:

    I'm glad you liked it, Katie. I read an interview with the guy who reads the books for the audio tapes and he said that he thought six was the best in the series also.

    I was totally glad Harry finally got around to noticing Ginny, too. I loved the part where the love potion "smelled like something flowery he remembered from the burrow" :).

    Oh yeah, I had forgotten about that. But you have to love what Hermione said it smelled like 'Ink and new books", I think mine would smell like old books and pencil shavings.

    Angie says:

    I loved the book - couldn't put it down. It was so sad, but I didn't cry much, probably because Robert kept pestering me.

    I was excited that Harry and Ginny got together too. When Rowling said the book answered a lot of questions, I was kind of curious. I have only read all of the books once and I borrowed them (not anymore, I'm going to own them all). I couldn't think of any questions that needed answering. Boy was I wrong.

    After Snape killed Dumbledore I didn't consider the fact that he might still be good. There were just enough clues throughout the book to keep you guessing which side he was on. But after someone mentioned it, I started to wonder. There is a slight chance that when Dumbledore pleaded to him, he was asking Snape to kill him so that Draco wouldn't be forced too. Dumbledore probably knew he was going to die anyway. There was no time for anyone to make an antidote for the poison. Of course, I think that is unlikely. Snape is probably bad.

    Angie says:

    Katie, I think you are right about Dumbledore having to die. With him around, Harry always leaned on him. I think that might have hindered his ultimate efforts to kill Voldemort. In the end, I think Harry has to face him alone.

    gam says:

    ..okay, I've almost stopped crying. Good and Bad tears - so sad the D. is gone - I LOVED him! I'm even sad Fawkes is gone - wish he could have stayed on with Harry - so different from Sirius' death - where I felt betrayed and so lonesome - for Harry's sake - somehow this feels like Harry is the Chosen One - and he's ready. D. finished the preparations and so he was ABLE to go - tired, true, withered hand and all...

    SNAPE - there HAS to be more that we don't yet know - D. wouldn't have been decieved - I just can't believe he was wrong.

    Best book ever! Or, as Josh would say, "That was the best book I never read on my island!"

    Angie says:

    gam - I think you're right. however unlikely it seems, unless it is completely proven otherwise, I think we should believe Dumbledore was right.

    AuntCandi says:

    I think so, too. I didn't really think of that option til Whit mentioned it. Snape had plenty of chances to betray more than Dumbledore alone. I think he & D must've worked it out as a possibility before hand. There has to be room for twists in book seven, right?

    Whit says:

    Clues to why I think Severus is not working for Voldemort (or, why I think Dumbledore knew he was going to die - I think Dumbledore was dying from something that had happened over the Summer - that had made his hand black):

    1) When Severus agrees to make the Unbreakable Vow, he agreed "quietly" - and then a "moment's silence" before he committs with "I will."

    2) Dumbledore HIMSELF went to the Dursleys to pick up Harry, making sure they committed again to let Harry go "home" for a brief time and making sure they and Harry knew he comes of age at 17.

    3) Harry FINALLY learned potions, which he really needed to do from Professor Snape (indirectly, but still)

    4) When Harry asks Dumbledore about his hand, Dumbledore says, "You shall hear that story another time." My guess is that he'll hear that story from Severus.

    5) Professor Snape tried really, really hard to get Malfoy to confide his plan in him - as Harry overheard.

    6) Lupin's words mirror my own, "It comes down to whether or not you trust Dumbledore's judgment. I do; therefore, I trust Severus."

    7) When Harry tells Dumbledore about his overhearing Professor Snape, Dumbledore says, "I think you might even consider the possibility that I understood more than you did." This, again, makes me think that Dumbledore knew Severus was trying to find out Malfoy's plan.

    8) Dumbledore says (about Severus overhearing the prophecy and telling Voldy), "I believe it to be the greatest regret of his life." (this doesn't mean that it was Severus' apology that made Dumbledore trust him as Harry assumes)

    9) Dumbledore says, "I am sure. I trust Severus Snape completely."

    10) Professor Snape kept Dumbledore alive in the blackened hand incident "Had it not been for ... Professor Snape's timely action when I returned to Hogwarts, desperately injured, I might not have lived to tell the tale."

    11) Even to Draco, at the end, he talked about trusting Professor Snape. "agree to differ" "I trust Professor Snape"

    12) Dumbledore ONLY wanted Pro. Snape at the end. He didn't want Harry to get anybody else.

    13) Dumbledore would never beg - especially not for his life. So, what was he asking Severus to do when he said, "Severus... please.."

    14) Pro. Snape not only didn't kill Harry when he had the chance, he also wouldn't let anybody else kill him.

    15) When Harry said to Severus, "kill me like you killed him, you coward--" Severus screamed "Don't call me a coward." in PAIN.

    Of course, all of this could be misdirection in the other direction. JK is good at misdirection. Did you figure it was Pro. Snape who was the half-blood prince or did you entertain for a moment the thought that it could be Harry's Mom? Good writing!

    Whit says:

    It occurs to me that maybe Dumbledore wasn't dying from something to do with the hand, but knew he'd have to sacrifice himself (sort of like Obi Wan) for Harry to be where he needed to be to finally kill Voldy.

    Mom & Angie - nice to see you on here!!!!

    Mom, your comment about Josh absolutely cracked me up.

    Whit says:

    #4 above is wrong - I guess to some extent he already heard about that story from Dumbledore and that Pro. Snape cured him. I guess it will just be severus and not pro snape now, though... weird to think of no Hogwarts.

    Laura says:

    I've been meaning to post on Whit's log and I guess Harry Potter is the right place to do so. Ok, so I haven't read the book yet. But I HAVE been expecting Prof. D. to die and it looks like book 6 is his end. It makes perfect sense from the story arc for Prof. D. to die. Harry must learn to stand on his own in order to fulfill his destiny. If his destiny is to take Prof. D's place as the greatest wizard of his time, he must face Voldemort on his own, without the crutch of Prof. D. The only way for Harry to truly "come into his own" is for Prof. D. to die. Sad, but from a storytelling standpoint it makes perfect sense.

    As for Snape, that's an interesting one. If you believe the death of Prof. D. was necessary, as I do, you also have to assume that Snape's role was also necessary. I believe that Snape will ultimately be redeemed. Did I mention that he also happens to be my favorite character. To me, he's the most human of all of the characters in her book -- he's got real issues of self-esteem and self-loathing which makes him very believable. Plus, Alan Rickman plays him in the movie and that makes him perfect as far as I am concerned!

    Oh well, I sure have a lot to say for someone who hasn't yet read the book! LOL!

    Whit says:

    lol, Laura - good to see you here.

    The book is really very good. I hope you enjoy it.

    Whit says:

    I would also like to say that it just occurred to me to look up Sirius' brother's name and it is (wait for it) - REGULUS!!!! Now, if his middle name starts with an A......

    AuntCandi says:

    Lol, Laura. Your comments were pretty observant, having not read the book yet. I also love Alan Rickman.

    Great points, Whit! I bet you're right. If Snape really is in the right, though, hopefully he's not wrongfully killed before the truth comes out.

    AuntCandi says:

    P.S. I LOVED Tonks and Lupin!

    Whit says:

    And MAYBE he was the one sent to kill Regulus and because he's a good guy he didn't kill Regulus... Oh, whatever. Who knows who RAB is...

    Whit says:

    I loved all of the romance in this one.

    AuntCandi says:

    Great idea! I couldn't figure out who RAB would be. do we know for sure he died?

    Whit says:

    The quote was from Sirius (I think) and was: "From what I found out after he died, he [Regulus] got in so far, then panicked about what he was being asked to do, and tried to back out. Well, you don't just hand in your resignation to Voldemort. It's a lifetime of service or death"

    So, I don't know. Guess we'll find out. It'd be kind of cool, though!

    Amy K says:

    You guys are thinking way too hard on this one.

    I have to say I'd always hated Snape until the last book. You really got to know him in book 5 and I have a really hard time believing he's all bad.

    I didn't cry in this one as much as in the last - but I also had Josh sitting next to me the last chapter saying "I'm not bugging you Mom, I'm bugging your pony tail". A little hard to cry when that's happening.

    Like Candi I'm a little let down after this one. Definately not my favorite. It's more educational than anything. You learn a lot. But like the last one it leaves you sad.

    It would be. I loved all the romance too (except Ron and Lavender, that just sicked me out! Luckely it ended, who gives someone a necklace that says "My Sweetheart"?) Tonks and Lupen, didn't see that one coming.
    Mom says that Lupen is kind of like the new Dumbledore, I love Lupen!
    Okay, okay, you've finally got me thinking that Snape's a goodguy. I actually felt sorry for Draco in this one! (I think I already said that, sorry, I'm losing track!) Can't wait 'till seven (though I think I'm going to have to, for a L-O-N-G time).

    Whit says:

    Actually, Stephen is the one who said Lupin is kind of the new Dumbledore - I think Harry is the new Dumbledore.

    Seven better come out soon!!!

    Whit says:

    Hi AmyK. I'm thinking about it cause I'm sick in bed and don't feel like obsessing over anything else while I sit here knitting.

    Josh is adorable.

    Josh is the funnyest kid! "That was the best book I never read on my island!" LOL! Tell Josh I said HI! And Ty and Conner and Thomas and Nay.

    by far my favorite so far. i agree with laura that snape has been my favorite because of his depth and the feeling that he's a realy person with multiple aspects to his personality. i was so mad at him for a bit that i didn't want him to be good, because if he is i didn't want him to have killed D. it was easier to think of him as bad until i calmed down and realized he's been trying the whole book to keep draco from making mistakes that he made and that he had to kill D or the others could have done worse than kill him, or at least done it in a worse way.
    i'm a wuss, but i cried through this whole book, the romance was all very sweet; no kate, not lavender, but everyone else. harry preparing to become a man with dumbledores help was the theme i thought of this book. his year of preperations with dumbledore showing harry that voldemort is human or at least kinda, and how to defeat him and then showing him that even the great D is also human. the best thing obi-wan ever did for luke was to let himself be killed by vader.

    Carrie says:

    Whit, you're going to laugh at me. I went and bought the book Sat. I couldn't wait. I am going to give this book to my sister for helping so much these past two weeks. It would just be crazy for me to have two of them. I'm almost finished. I have just the last chapter to finish, but I couldn't do it! I have to prepare myself. I don't know what else to say about it.
    After the last book I said that I thought Professor Dumbledore needed to die in order for Harry to be able to progress and become the man everyone know he will become.
    I've always hated Professor Snape and the juries still out on if he is good or bad! I thought that maybe Professor Snape was faking killing Professor Dumbledore. That maybe it was for the reason that they both knew how the "Dark Lord" wanted him dead and they wanted to make it seam like he was dead until Harry saw his body at the base of the tower.
    I really liked this book the most of all six so far. Tonk and Lupin I had my suspions and I guess Whit was right all along about Harry and Ginny.
    Harry was less anger this book, which I liked. I liked the trick he played on Ron with the luck stuff. I was really worried about Harry there for a minute until I found out it was all a trick. I was thinking Harry had let down his standards so that they could win a game.
    Sorry I didn't cry when Professor Dumbledore died, because I expected it all along.
    I started to think the half-blood prince was either Professor Snape or Harry's mom but not til after Professor Snape requested to see Harry's books. I had thought that Harry's mom might be, because Professor Slughorn was always praising her to Harry. But then I thought she wasn't half blood anything that we know about. And Harry is learning potions from Snape through that book. So in the end he really didn't learn anything for Professor Slughorn.

    AuntCandi says:

    I cried way more than in the other books. I cried during three and some during five, but this one was a tearjerker.

    The two lines that made me cry the most were D saying to H in the cave, "I'm safe, I'm with you" and when Harry told the M of M that he was Dumbledore's man. (sniff sniff)

    AuntCandi says:

    I suspected Harry & Ginny way early in the books, but I had no clue about Lupin & Tonks.

    I didn't think of Harry's mom as the HBP. I was pretty sure it was Snape after the way he reacted to the Draco cursed in the bathroom thing. It was weird how he said something about himself being the HBP at the end, though.

    Angie says:

    Whit - an addition to your first point. Snape didn't hesitate to make the first two parts of the vow. But when asked to promise that if Draco failed, he would finish the job, Snape hesitated before repeating the words.

    Gam says:

    Wow! I LOVE this! It's so fun to read everyone's take - I cried when Fleur showed her true colors with Bill and I cried when Harry told Ginny that they couldnt' be together - cause I'm not certain they ever will be - I want them to be, but I'm not sure there is a place in Harry's life for her - I keep hoping...I think this book showed the real Harry - the anger and temper was gone and now he is resolute, but I think it took D. finally educating him - I think it was what he needed and longed for all along. I worry that his hatred of Snape will be a problem for him -

    Gam says:

    AND...I REALLY hate the grammatical and spelling errors I make when typing computer posts! I think we need a return to quill and parchment!

    Whit says:

    Hey, the book had typos - why not us???

    Carrie, if it were me I would have bought it also - oh, wait... I DID buy an extra cause mine wasn't here "early enough" - I will remember for book 7 that they have them at Walmart for $15.95 with no line at 7am.

    Angie, nice additional point.

    Candi, I cried way more too and the parts you mentioned were two of my biggest "tear jerkers" as well. I can still cry thinking of Dumbledore's line to Harry. --sniff

    Of course I knew DD would die - but I still sobbed my eyes out.

    I knew who the HBP was as soon as he opened the book (but I expected Harry to learn something from Pro. Snape this book).

    Carrie, don't forget that Harry learned the most important thing in the world from old Sluggy - how to kill Voldy!!!! That's why DD wanted him at the school so bad.

    Mom, I was impressed with Fleur too - I really didn't expect it (although she showed real love of her sister in FOUR so I should have given her the benefit of the doubt)...

    My biggest concern for Severus is his lack of "love" - which is the most powerful thing. I think DD may have been the one he loved and I'm not sure how that will impact book 7.

    My bigest 'Tear Jerkers' were: Harry Telling Ginny he couldn't love her.
    Harry Telling MoM he was 'Dumbledore's Man Through and Through'. I didn't cry when D died either, but I cried at his funeral.
    My fav. part in the last part of the book was when Harry kept having to try not to laugh, it's something Dumbledore would do, keep calm and humerous even in the darkest of times. My fav. Dumbledore quote is, and always will be:
    "Nitwit! Odment! Blubber! Tweak!"

    Okay... I am not going to read the comments, lol. But I must confess that I now have to start to read the whole series. I am a tad bit behind, aren't I?

    I have seen the 3 HP movies, but I know that there are differences between the books & the movies. So I shall have to either splurge for the books, or hope that the library has them available for borrowing.

    Whit says:


    Or, get the audiobooks and listen to them on your trip to Florida!!

    Angie says:

    I think most libraries have the books, but there's a good chance you will encounter a waiting list. I don't think they have the budget to buy enough books to meet demand.

    I think you all are crazy for loving Snape! I dislike him with a great passion. I think he is not a good guy because he killed P. Dumbledore. He may have had some loyalties but when Voldermort came back and started looking for him he backed out.

    I really like all the romanace in this one. I don't think Ginny will let Harry drop her like a hot potato. I think he will be stuck with her whether he likes it or not! I was proud of Fleur for staying with Bill. I actually thought that Tonks was in love with someone but they refused her (she was too sad over Sirius's death, not even Harry was that sad!) I wonder if they're kids will have werewolf genes? I thought for sure that Ron and Hermione would hook up in this one! (Well, they almost did.) I'm glad that Ron broke up with Lavender. I agree with Katie who would give someone a "My Sweetheart" necklace? I feel like hurling!

    I was so sad when Dumbledore died. Suprisingly though I didn't cry! (That's a real shocker because I cry all the time!) I couldn't cry though because one, I was in denial and two, my aunts said they would KILL me if I said or did anything (they haven't finished it.) I was HYSTERICAL when Sirius died in the fith one. Aunt Amy couldn't stop laughing because I was crying so hard!

    I think that RAB is someone who will be in the next book. Harry with find RAB and then RAB will help him with the remaining horaxes.

    Whit says:


    I didn't say I love Snape - I think he can be a very mean person. But, I still believe that he only killed DD on DD's orders. I think it was "part of the plan" and I think that Snape had a hard time doing it (remember that he was overheard fighting with DD about something?) and didn't want to do it. But he was strong and is a good wizard.

    Aunt Whit

    Angie says:

    If we are supposing that Snape is still good, they could have been arguing about who should die. I think they both knew Malfoy was not going to kill Dumbledore. Because of the vow, this meant that either Dumbledore or Snape had to die. Dumbledore could have been trying to convince Snape that he had more to offer, so he should be the one to live and help Harry defeat Voldemort. As a spy, the info Snape could provide to Harry might be more valuable than anything more Dumbledore could give.

    Laura says:


    I am the one who loves Snape; not your Aunt Whit -- she's too nice to like the bad guy. Me, on the other hand, I always like a good villian!!

    Tell your mom to hurry up and finish the book so she can get on here and yell at me for liking Snape.

    Whit says:

    lol - I do love to DESPISE Snape. ;-)

    Carrie says:

    Who ever wants to listen to the Audio books let me know I have them on MP3 Files and will be more than willing to share.

    Whit, I do have to admit that I almost cried on the last chapter, but I caught myself in time to keep my emotions under control.

    I now have three HP6 Books. Amazon sent me two copies. Don't ask me I'm at a loss. I had my brother check my mailbox on his way back from Idaho. And low and behold there was a copy of HP6. And I think they UPS me a copy as well. I need to ask Stephen for sure.

    Anyway, I realized the reason that Dumbledore wanted old Snughorn at the school. I also realized that he's story was important to solving the problem of the Dark Lord. But it was kind of weird that Harry thought the Half Blood Prince was so great and said that he had learned more from the Prince than Professor Snape, until he found out who the prince really was.

    Now I want the last book ASAP. I'm not sure I will be able to wait patiently either.

    Angie says:

    Until Saturday, I didn't own any of the Harry Potter books. Book 6 arrived on Saturday and I only took a day and a half to finish it. Books 1-5 arrived today. (Robert ordered them for me after I was so excited about reading book 6. He figured I would enjoy having the rest of them too.) I am forcing myself to not open them until I am completely ready for the 2 week vacation we are leaving for in 4 days. I am so excited to read them all again.

    Cynth says:

    Hmm as for liking Sanpe I do not, as for thinking he did it on D orders I do. P D would never ever, ever, ever beg for his life. He has never been afraid to die, if you have any questions of that reread book one.

    I cried tons reading this book. I too was in denile of D death. I did not start bawling until Hagrid saw the body. I thought that the spell hit the locket thereby distroying part of Voldemorts soul and saving D. It was not so. I cried so hard.

    I knew that he had to die. In fact Dave and I had discussed that it would be this book that he died in. I just did not want him to die.

    Book 5 disturbed me more then this book. Though I must admit that UNbridge working at the office sill in book 6 was rather crazy! You just want to hit the stupid Minster for keeping her there!

    Lets all remember that it is Hermione that is excelling in Runes. Yes they are going to do it alone. I do not believe that they shall have help. Perhaps in finding the places but they shall be the one to obtain the items.

    My favorite line in this book "Dumbledore's man through and through"
    That was a very hard line to not cry on.

    AuntCandi says:

    Wow, after reading that everyone was so emotional during the last part of the book, I asked Ben if he cried. He said he "became a bit misty". That means it's most definitely a tear jerker, lol.

    Anonymous says:

    You're all nuts!!

    Thank you!

    We know we're nuts!
    I kind of wanted to hit the MoM througout this whole book, but not as much as in book5. Ron and Hermione were kind of together, her crying on his shoulder in the end, that was where I started crying. I'm pretty sure Ginny's not going to let Harry drop her, and I'm pretty sure Harry didn't want to. They're still together, just more carefully. After all, it was Dumbledore that said Love is the most powerfull thing.
    I hated/loved the whole suspence, becouse I saw my mom crying so I wondered who died. I thought it was a lot of people, though even as I worried that they wouldn't be able to save Ron from the poisen I was about 70% positive that it was Dumbledore that died, not Ron. But I also thought it could be Hagrid (in one part, I always end up thinking the worst of new people, but the funny thing is I really liked Moody in book4 and he was bad and I hated Sluggy and he was good!). Actually, even if Snape was bad I'd probably like him, becouse I too like a good villan (they're especially fun to write, but I'm not too great at my villans! Wish I could do something as good as Voldy).
    This book asked a lot of questions, and I still can't wait till seven (anyone got a time turner? I'll go into the future and get it!).

    Angie says:

    The anonymous post was from Robert. He couldn't figure out how to post his name. At least that's his story. I think maybe he didn't have the courage to tell you all what he really thought. :)

    Whit says:

    That's funny. Hi Robert.

    Glenda says:

    Ok, I am not done reading all the post's but most of them I have read and I must say...ARE YOU CRAZY!?! SNAPE IS CRAZY BAD!! NO I DON'T CARE IF YOU SAY THAT HE HAD TO KILL P.D. He didn't even think twice. Oh well, Yes I cried more in this book then any other. Also the new minister of magic what was his name.. R..B? Just a thought. He was an Auror after all. Well I am going to go I need to pick up melissa at work.. This is Janet I will get my own identity soon!!

    I've finally agreed with mum (sorry, all this HP) that Snape's a goodguy, but I still don't like him. I take more of a Lupen point of veiw, I trust D. enogh to beleive Snape's good, but I still don't like him. Oh well, I guess we'll find out 'next book.

    Angie says:

    I read the first HP book yesterday. I noticed a lot of foreshadowing. They mentioned a lot of things that I didn't notice the first time through, but that meant something after I had read the other books.

    For instance, at one point Harry says that he feels like Snape is reading his mind. Then in book 5 we find out he is quite good at that branch of magic.

    Also, the motorcycle Hagrid comes on when he drops off Harry with the Dursleys at the beginning was borrowed from Sirius Black.

    Nothing earthshattering, but pretty cool.

    Gam says:

    I'm still loving it - all these days later - just little thoughts here and there. I have never re-read any of the books, but I'm going to go back and do that, now - waiting for seven - I'll have time and be prepared for the grand finale.

    Andrea B. says:

    I was too impatient to read all of the responses before I posted my thoughts. I will read them after. My thoughts are as follows:
    Snape is probably the most complex character in the book. I think he killed Dumbledore because he had made the unbreakable vow. I'm still not convinced that he is evil. I know, I know. But I trust Dumbledore's judgement, and he believed in Snape, therefore...I think the jury is out.
    ALSO: my first thought on finishing was "What a downer!" But then I thought that this is the Empire Strikes Back of the Harry Potter books. Get what I mean? No resolution, just the crux of the conflict. The next book will be the Return of the Jedi of the Harry Potter books, complete with cute little ewoks and everybody's happy ends with a song and everything.
    That's what I think.
    Plus, audio books are brilliant. I can do all of my very busy mom stuff while "reading." Three cheers for audio books! (My son used to think they were saying "Free cheese")

    Whit says:

    FREE CHEESE!!! Wow, that would be so cool. lol.

    Oddly enough, I wasn't as down after this one as a couple of others. I feel like Harry really grew up and I was happy at the end - like he's ready to face what he has to in the next book (eeek - the last one!!!)

    carolyn says:

    I am wondering about the spell P.D. used to keep Harry safe at his anut and uncles. If the spell P.D. put on him stopped working when he died Then will the other be broke too? But then i need to go back and check and see if it says P.D. did the spell, i am thinking it is said strong magic was used.

    I think P. snape is good. i am agreeing that P.D. and snape had an agreement too. maybe even an unbreakable vow.and that is why he did not hesitate when P.D
    said please. My Dh makes fun of me when i cry from reading books or movies, so i went and grabbed my allergy eye drops and made it look like my eyes were bothering me. I liked this book, i love the whole lot of them. will be re- reading them to get ready for 7 in most likely about 2 years from now. boo hoo.

    Yes, I agree that P. SNAPE is good, but I don't like him. Or I do. I like his depth, I like the way he's written, I don't like him personally. Like I've said before, I take a Lupen look at him. I don't hate Snape, I just don't like him.
    I really liked the end too, I really liked Harry in this book, I didn't like him much in the last one.
    I was also kind of mad at D. last book, from a Harry point of veiw. I don't know.
    I can't beleive it's the LAST book. I'm ready to cry (I won't, but I might when I finish BK7). I was sad when some miner series I've read (DELTORA QUEST) was over, and this is HARRY POTTER, I'm not sure I'll be able to stand it.
    I just hope the next book is l-o-n-g.

    Whit says:

    I'm pretty sure the strong spell was the love his mother gave him by dying in his place.

    I cried my eyes out in this one - the next one will probably kill me.

    Whit says:

    Oh, and I forgot to say "FREE CHEESE for audio books!!!!"

    I listen as I work all the time. I joined audible and I love it!!

    Angie says:

    There was a different spell that Dumbledore put on the Dursley's house. In book 4 Voldemort tells his Death Eaters that even he can't touch Harry when he is at the Dursley's house. Also, Dumbledore insists that Harry return to the Dursley's after the school year is over, even if it is only for a week.

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